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Service Recovery Series


Below are the “chapters” and objective summaries currently available as video segments in the “Disney U” Doug Lipp, Leadership Magic Online Training Service Recovery series.



OBJECTIVE: Examine your own experience with the Disney organization and what you can do to become extraordinary. Note: This chapter is automatically included as the opening video in the series.


GREAT MOMENTS WITH MR. LINCOLN From Good Enough to The Best Is Never the Best

OBJECTIVE: Explore how to get your “best” instead of tolerating “good enough.”


POPCORN EMPOWERMENT Create Service Superheroes

OBJECTIVE: Find ways to empower your employees to deliver solutions with outstanding service.


PARKING LOT PRINCIPLE Create Lasting Impressions

OBJECTIVE: Improve the first and last impressions of your organizations customers.


EVEN MONKEYS FALL FROM TREES Lead and Learn with Humility

OBJECTIVE: Identify the weaknesses of your Team


WE’RE SOOOO GOOD Break the Mold & Move Beyond Arrogance

OBJECTIVE: Identify how your successes may hinder creativity. Recognize if your organization has a status quo or why change culture.


WHEN IS A TRAIN NOT A TRAIN? Are We Looking at The Same Thing?

OBJECTIVE: Determine how effectively your team incorporates diverse viewpoints, cultures, or perspectives.


HOW CLEAN IS CLEAN? Intercultural Communication

OBJECTIVE: Assess how to bridge cultural gaps using improved communication techniques.


WHERE’S MY CAR? Think for Your Customer

OBJECTIVE: Examine how to better manage customer and employee expectations and resolve problems in advance.


WHAT TIME IS THE 3:00 PARADE? There Are NO Stupid Questions.

OBJECTIVE: Examine how to better manage the expectations of your customer’s to “plus the show”.


LISTEN FOR SUCCESS Transform Complaints into Compliments

OBJECTIVE: Understand how to turn a customer complaint into a competitive advantage.


RAPS SERVICE RECOVERY MODEL Emotion Versus Information

OBJECTIVE: Learn to deal with complaints via a step-by-step active listening tool.


DISNEY U WRAP UP Inspiration from Three Disney Legends Note: This chapter is automatically included as the closing video in the series.


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